GrowthWheel OnTrack Courses

OnTrack: GrowthWheel for Groups and Workshops

This edited recording of the OnTrack Webinar focus on how we can use GrowthWheel in a group setting or for organizing training programs or workshops. Key topics include:
* How to organize a two hour GrowthWheel Workshop for new or existing clients
* How to schedule a program for a workshop series of 5-10 workshops during a year
* How to best make packages of assignments or home work for clients
  • Welcome page
  • OVERVIEW: Content of the OnTrack Webinar/Course (1:19 min.)
  • Examples of workshops held by GrowthWheel Partners
  • One Question Survey
  • #1: Using GrowthWheel with Groups (10:50 min.)
  • #2: Using GrowtWheel at Workshops (4:50 min.)
  • #3 Using GrowthWheel for Training Programs (8.25 min.)
  • Summary of the presentation (0:52 min.)
  • Q&A
  • QUESTION about client conversion after workshops from Tim Montague, IL (4:39)
  • QUESTION about confidentiality from Keith Watson, Toronto, ON (2:14)
  • COMMENT about using worksheets at workshops from Dan Thompson, MO (1:28)
  • QUESTION about 10-12 hour workshops from Steve Bob, IL (1.44)
  • QUESTION about revenue model for workshops from Cecile Watson, Jamaica (2:27)
  • Closing Remarks (0:44 min.)
  • Two Question Survey #2
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